Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Meeting an Icon in Christian literature!

Excuse me while I take a small tangent from the character exploration I was about to embark on. I have some exciting news to share!

This weekend, I got to meet Jerry B. Jenkins in person!

In addition to being the author of over 150 books, Jerry B. Jenkins is the head of the Christian Writers Guild. I joined the group as an apprentice about eighteen months ago, and so far it has been a wonderful experience.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I noticed there were a lot of CWG members in the Kansas City area and thought it would be fun to get them all together. I contacted Mr. Jenkins to see if that would be acceptable (I didn’t want to step on any toes), and he immediately emailed me back saying that it was a great idea. On top of that, he suggested that if I could get the group together and meeting set up for the past weekend, he was going to be in the area and might stop by.

Needless to say, that lit a fire under my rear! I jumped into action and got a group together on Facebook, and set up the meeting. So, on Saturday, a small group of us got together and sat down for an hour or so with Mr. Jenkins.

First let me say, it’s been a long time since I met so nice a man. He smiled and listened and answered questions with such grace. We talked about CWG and the upcoming conference (in Feb., keynote speaker: Max Lucado!), as well as his writing career—including what he has in the works. One of our favorite topics was how human Mr. Jenkins is. Seriously, sometimes we look at someone as popular as Mr. Jenkins and put them on a pedestal. He shared a few stories with us about mistakes he had made, things he’d had to go back and fix, even now. What a relief! I don’t ever have to be perfect either. Lol…

It really was a wonderful experience, and I am grateful to Mr. Jenkins for taking time out of his schedule to come visit this aspiring group of writers!


  1. Look at all of you! I bet that was a lot of fun. I always read about the meetings with a smile and a little bit of the little green monster because I can't get there. I think it's wonderful that he got to go & share with everyone. It was awesome of you to arrange that. :o)

  2. Wow Ralene! I am a huge fan of Jerry Jenkins, the entire Left Behind Series is resting in my closet.

    I am so impressed with you for reaching out to him.

    Happy writing...

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Yes, we often forget that writers who've "made it" are people too! You look nice and warm--my oldest daughter is in marching band and we were in Manhattan for the K-State Band day. Freezing. Cold. Brrrr. Would rather have come where you were! ;)

  4. Lee--one day we'll figure out how to get you there! :)

    Tamika--me too! I love his writing. Have you read his Writing for the Soul book? (I'm assuming you're a writer)

    Shauna--I used to be in the Manhattan High School band...been there, done that. Froze my booty off. :)

  5. I am sad that I missed that, Ralene! But I'm so glad you had a good time! What an amazing experience and opportunity.


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