Saturday, April 23, 2011

Update on Connor

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you are probably already aware that my son is in the hospital. Let me catch you all up:

Connor has been sick since last Monday night. On Tues, the doc said it was a cold and gave us an inhaler to use when he had trouble breathing. During the day on Tues and Wed, he was fine except for a runny nose. But at night he had trouble breathing and was unable to sleep except when I was holding him upright on my shoulder.

Thursday morning it didn't go away. In fact, it sounded a lot worse, he was literally sucking air. By the time my husband got home from work, I was frantic with worry b/c he had quit eating and just wanted to be held all afternoon.

After a little emotional breakdown on my part (after all, I hadn't slept much since Monday night and my son was really sick), hubby told me to take Connor to the acute care center on post. (Acute care center is kind of like an ER, but they aren't open 24/7 and they only handle small stuff...everything else they rush off to Tripler Army Medical Center or a closer ER).

They immediately took him back and started him on steroids and breathing treatments. After they got him a little more comfortable breathing-wise, they called an ambulance and took us up to Tripler. There we had various tests run, including chest x-rays. The diagnosis basically came back as some viral infection was causing his bronchial tubes and trache area to swell, causing strider (the sinking in of the chest on inhale), and use of accessory muscles to help with the extra strength to breathe.

We were admitted late Thurs night. Since then, he's been getting breathing treatments every 2-3 hours. They decided that he has a bad case of croup that is causing the swelling. Every time the doc thinks he's sounding better and starts to extend the time between treatments, he gets worse and his O2 stats drop.

Today he finally started coughing up mucous stuff and his O2 seems to have leveled off in the mid-90s (not great, but def better). Doc said that he will still need treatments for several hours, so he will be staying overnight again.

Hope against hope, and praying, Connor will get to go home tomorrow so we can celebrate Easter at home! So, please, keep praying that God will heal him. Thank you for all your love and support!


  1. Holy, Pete, Sweetie! I am so sorry to hear that! He'll be fine, though. You know he will.

    Thinking happy thoughts for you and sending good energies your way!


  2. Awww, the poor little thing :( I will be preying for all of you (especially him)

    The worst is over, mate. Those steroid have a really quick effect. Try not to worry too much (((hug)))

  3. Awww girl I hope he gets better fast! I know how u feel. I've been in those shoes exactly with my second son when he was just under one. He had the sucking in of his chest for 24 hrs..very scary stuff but the coughing up crud is a good sign

  4. Thanks, guys! Yes, the coughing up is a good sign. I hope that he gets a good night's rest tonight so maybe tomorrow he'll be feeling well enough to go home. :)

  5. I've been there this week too, Rare. My little one gets croup quite regularly and we've made many late night trips to the ER. The steroids help, and once the cough starts bringing stuff up, they're usually okay. Make sure you get to take home a dose or two of the RediPred (or whatever steroid they have him on). As soon as I start hearing O's breathing get rattly, I give him a dose, and it keeps the croup from developing.

    He'll never get into the Olympics, but at least he can breathe....

    Good luck!

  6. Ralene, so sorry to hear that! It's always scary when they're sick that little, but it sounds like you've on the right track. I hope he's feeling better fast.

  7. Awww, poor baby. And poor Mommy, going through all that. I hope he feels better soon.

  8. Well, it's Easter today, so I hope Connor is now safe at home with you.

    I shall be praying for you both today, strength for you and healing for Connor, and for your husband who must be worrying for you both right now.

    Please keep us all updated with his progress.

    With love and prayers,

    Chris Denton

  9. Lifting your sweet boy and your family in prayers, Ralene! Hope your son is feeling better.

  10. Oh, the poor little man. I'm so sorry that you are having to go through this. Praying for you and for your little man!!

  11. Thank you everyone for the encouragement and prayers. I'm sorry I don't have access at the hospital so I can respond as the comments come in.

    As of right now, Connor is still in the hospital, but is doing much better. He was pretty active today and eating, too. The doc spread his breathing treatments out to four hours and he seems to be handling that okay. Yay! No word as of yet if we'll go home tomorrow (Monday), but if he keeps improving and they can quit the treatments, maybe? Honestly, I'm not pushing it b/c as long as he's having breathing issues, I'm happier with him in the hospital.

  12. Oh Ralene, how terrifying!!! I'm so glad he's going to be okay! thinking of you and sweet babe!


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