Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Lil' Boy...

So, my plan for today was to post a reflection on Easter as it approaches in less than a week. However, this morning, all I can be is a worried mom.

My son woke up at about 3:45 this morning wheezing like crazy. I could hear him breathing from another room! It was very scary. I got dressed and rushed him to what I thought was a 24 hour urgent care (that's what we'd been told) on post. We were told they'd assess him real quick and if need be put him in an ambulance to rush to an ER. Yeah, it wasn't even open.

By this time, his breathing had returned to normal, so I turned around and went home. I figured I'd either take him to the urgent care when it opened at 6, or if Connor was doing better, I'd just make a same day appointment.

We got home and he pretty much went straight to sleep. I stayed with him just to listen to him breathe until I was sure he was fine. Then I went back to bed for an hour (days like this you wish the older kids would just sleep in).

Now, I find myself plagued with worry. My reflection on Easter has turned into a prayer for help and of thanks. Without the sacrifice made on the cross that day, and the fact that 3 days later, Jesus rose from the dead--I would not have the humble ability to go before my Savior and lift up my son.

When Connor woke up again, he sounded awful! Wheezing again, stuffy nose. Poor baby. He has an appointment in a little while. Hopefully we can find out what's wrong with him. I'll keep you all updated!


  1. Connor is fine. It was just a bad cold. Praise the Lord! I don't think my girls have ever sounded that bad.

  2. So glad that he is okay! How scary that can be.


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