Friday, April 8, 2011

Get Real Friday

UPDATE: Yay! I'm a semi-finalist in the ACFW Genesis contest! We're going to party here on FHS next week. :) Schedules and a party? Do those even go together? lol...

Hey everyone--Happy Friday!

I don't know about you, but I am so excited the weekend is just about here. I need the break! So, a little update from me:

*Yes, the above photo is the actual picture of our washer and dryer. Aren't they pretty? lol... The piles of laundry are gone AT LAST!

*The Genesis contest semifinalists should be announced sometime today. Eek! I can't tell you what a ball of anxiousness I am. Originally, I thought I wouldn't care if I made it to the next round or not, I really just wanted some professional feeback. However, if I'm completely honest--getting cut in the first round still sucks.

*I have not been working on my 3in30 goals. I know, it's horrible. But since I've felt so good this week, my focus has been on finishing up my house. And this week was a review frenzy in my critique group, so most of my writing time has been reviewing my good friend Kurt's story.

*Connor started walking! Yes, it's very exciting. He doesn't go very far, only a few steps at the moment...but he's being very brave and letting go of the couch/table/hand. My hubby loaded a video on Facebook. You'll have to go to my page and check it out!

*I've been participating in the Bible in 90 days challenge and I'm keeping up with that fairly well. It's an interesting goal, one I've never attempted before. Still, reading through the OT now, I am enjoying those old Bible stories.

So my first week of April has been productive, though not necessarily as much as I would like. Any progress is better than none! What about you? Do you have any news to share? Spill it!


  1. Ralene, so glad you're in your new house! And I love the color of your washer/dryer. Does that help you do laundry more often? :D

    I'm waiting to hear about Genesis too. Pins and needles aren't fun, are they?

  2. Fancy washer and dryer! I remember when we first got our front loaders (and mine are just white). We used to watch as the laundry went around and around... It was too funny.

    Best of luck with Genesis.

  3. Congratulations! I saw your blog earlier today when I was searching to see if any Genesis calls had gone out yet. My computer at school wouldn't show your pictures so I had to come back and see that red washer/dryer set. So cool!

    Glad to see your update as well. Congrats on making the semi-finals.


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