Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You Can Find Me...

...Still at the hospital. Yes, today (Wednesday) should be Connor's last day in the hospital. He has been doing wonderful--he's off IV fluid, his appetite is back, and he is getting sufficiently annoyed with the confining crib in his room. Too bad he has to be hooked up to a pulse oximeter or I'd just let him run.

You can also find me over at my good friend, Jill Kimerer's blog. She asked me five questions...I answered five questions. Go join in the conversation! :)

For all you military wives out there, you can find me over at Wives of Faith, I haven't posted anything in the past week, but you can look me up or just read some of the other great articles by fellow military wives.

Do you have any news to share? Any place around the web we should be looking for you?


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