Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shade and The Box

Happy Memorial Day a little late!

I had a pretty good weekend—a lot of family time, a little shopping, even some reading and movies. Yes, I’m easily entertained. Also, there was a frenzy of baby prep as we now know that my induction date should be June 17th. Not very long left at all!

This weekend I finished reading John B. Olson’s Shade. This book kept me up until all hours of the night with its crafty twists and eloquent writing. The story had all the elements of a great thriller—suspense, twists, amazing characters…and its own unique twist on stories we already know.

With its themes of grace and forgiveness, it also emphasizes the importance of a strong faith in a world that doesn’t agree with the thoughts of an all-encompassing God. However, one thing I’d like to point out is that in all the book, not once did I feel preached at or hung up on the Christian factors.

From vampires and demons to paranoid schizophrenics and homeless people, the cast of characters was definitely a plus for this book. Even the most minor of characters was created with such realism and authenticity. I was drawn to the main character from the start—not because I’m tall and awkward like she is, but I am self-conscious of certain aspects of myself and that made me relate to her all the more.

I could continue to sing John’s praises in a really long post, but I won’t. I’ll just insist that you all go out and get the book and read it for yourself. Now. Shoo. Off to Barnes and Noble, or Books-A-Million, or some other book store. Can’t get to one? I’m sure you can find it on Amazon or the like. Just go get it!

Also, this weekend, hubby and I finally got around to renting The Box, a movie that’s been out on video for quite awhile. We both wanted to see the movie because the concept portrayed in the previews was one we found intriguing. Here’s the question: A man shows up at your door with a button box. If you push the button, you would automatically be given $10 million, even knowing that someone somewhere in the world—that you don’t know—would die, would you still push it? Yeah…heavy stuff.

The movie itself turned out to be a little different from the straight forward thriller we expected it to be. There’s a little bit more sci-fi type stuff in it. The movie takes place in 1976 and the amount of money is one million dollars (I posed my question a little different to take in inflation). But it spurred several debates between hubby and I. He tends to be more cynical than I am (he is a soldier, a realist (semi-pesimist), and a rationalist). How much of the world would actually go through with something like that? How many people would even consider it? Was there an Adam/Eve thing going on seeing as it was always the women that pushed the button?

That’s a sign of a good movie when it keeps you thinking and debating long after it’s over, right? Check it out for yourself.

Have you read any good books or seen any movies that really made you think lately? Do share!


  1. LOL I have the book Shade sitting on my bookcase and haven't read it yet! Now you've intrugued me:)

  2. Have you seen Bruce Almighty? Funny and deep all at once. :) You should watch it, if you haven't already.

  3. I watched Coco Before Chanel, and it did make me think, but not in the way you thought about the Box. After watching it, I Googled Coco Chanel to verify accuracy. The film maker changed a few details, and it made me angry. I felt they took the easy way out, when the movie would have been just as good with the truth. Ah, that's my problem!


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