Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dare to Dream

It occurs to me this morning that there are only 79 days left in 2010. 79! That’s crazy. Remember those goals we made almost 10 months ago? Yeah…only 79 days left to fulfill those goals. Oy!

Possibly more important than those goals, what have you done to reach your dreams?

Do you know what your dreams are?

Over the next several weeks (until the day after Thanksgiving), I’m going to be focusing on achieving our dreams, no matter how big or small, in most of my Monday/Wednesday/Friday posts. (Tuesdays will still be Get To Know interviews, and Thursday will still be writing related!)

We’re going to prepare to make 2011 the year of dreams come true—Cinderella-style! Okay, maybe not Cinderella-style, but I’m sure she’ll make an appearance.

In the meantime, be thinking on those questions: Do you know what your dreams are? What have you done to reach them? Let your mind wander…

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  1. Oh, 79 days is not long!

    I have dreams--dreams of getting published and staying published, dreams of not being stressed during the upcoming holiday season, and dreams of relaxing more. They are all possible!


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