Friday, October 15, 2010

Let's Share! -- When I Grow Up...

Happy Friday!

No one quite has the imagination of a child. Also, no one can change their minds on a whim as much as a child. Yet, we should approach our dreams with child-like imagination. The stars are the limit...well, these days, even those aren't the limit.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a teacher, a dancer, and a newspaper reporter. When I got oldereeeee (high school), I bounced back and forth between a teacher and a drug & alcohol abuse counselor. These are all in addition to being a writer, of course, which I've loved since I could pick up a pencil.

Those dreams changed, of course, except for being a writer. Although they still manifest in my life in different ways. I don't want to be a teacher in a public school, but instead, I desire to train my children up in the way of the Lord and give them a solid education myself. I don't want to be a drug & alcohol counselor, but I still am an open ear to whoever needs to talk. And when the Lord leads, I can bring them a bit of peace, a word of advice. And, oddly, I hate the news. I never watch it. However, I am finding a love for article writing that I never thought I'd have (preferring fiction).

What about you? What did you want to be when you grow up? Anything influence what you did become?


  1. Oh gosh, a nurse, cheerleader, teacher, the dreaming never ended! But what I did the most was read and write. I think I found my passion through doing. =)

  2. I wanted to help people and I do that now but last year I discovered I love writing. I published a book and won a national award...Now I'm writing my 2nd book.


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