Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello, December!

Hello, December! Oh how I've missed you. So glad you've come around again.

Now, for all of my faithful readers, picture this:

Wet snow perfect for sledding and building snowmen

Hot chocolate (or coffee)

Crackling fireplace with a stack of books and that perfect throw

A bare Christmas tree just begging to be decorated

A nativity scene with a missing baby Jesus (yes, I hide mine until Christmas morning)

This is my time of the year!

This year is a little different for us though. We didn't get to put up a tree and decorate the house. We'll be having Christmas "on the road" this year. As we prepare for our transition to Hawaii, we are taking four weeks to visit family (who knows when we'll see them again!).

That's what I'm looking forward to most this year. Spending time with our families. Being military, we very rarely live anywhere close to family. Right now, my family is in Virginia and my husband's family is in Kentucky--we're in Kansas (soon to be Hawaii). Family get togethers only happen a couple of times a year.

This year will be extra special.

What are you looking forward to this Christmas season? Anything special or different? Or are you reveling in the gift of a "normal" Christmas celebrating the birth of Christ?

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  1. We are actually thinking of a December trip to Washington DC to see my husband's mom. We hardly ever travel during December.

    You sound like you have an extremely busy month, Ralene! But Hawaii is right around the corner!! Squee!!


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