Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

In recent years, "Going Green" has become a hot topic. We're in a rush to save our planet...and ourselves. But what happened to all the "easy" stuff they taught us back in elementary school? Sheesh! Going Green really seems like a full time job...not that I don' Really I do.

Now, as a writer, there are several items that I use that often go to waste. So, here is a list of ways we writers can pitch in to SAVE THE PLANET!

1. Keep my laptop/desktop off when not in use. This lets the smoke clear, the generator cool...and keeps me from returning to my computer for "just a few more minutes".

2. Recycle soda cans. I have discovered a new way to relieve stress and cure writer's block! Tin Can Toss: build a pyramid of cans and throw random stuff from your desk at it in an attempt to knock over all the cans. When you succeed in knocking over all the cans in ONE shot...your writer's block will be cured. Really. DO IT!

3. Reuse old pens/pencils. Decorate the tips of old pens and pencils with little felt people that represent your characters. In addition, use one of the cardboard boxes that housed your bulk paper and create a stage. A great way to reinact scenes to make sure they are realistic and plausible.

4. Finally, our most important resource...PAPER! With all the paper we use, we probably should each be responsible for planting a small forest each year...but instead, let's be creative.

* Wrap presents. Hey, if people can use newspaper to wrap gifts, we can use our old drafts. After all, our novels are much more interesting than last month's political upheaval.

* Make sure to use front and back. Done with first draft? Print the second draft on the back of the first. won't get confusing. Use a different font/different colored ink. It's THAT easy.

* We've all heard about people wallpapering their office with their rejection letters. DO IT! Motivation and fashion decor rolled into one.

* Never underestimate the adrenaline rush in a good game of trashcan basketball. Just make sure to reuse the "balls".

* One word: BONFIRE!!!

So, now that you've got a plethora of ideas to put all that waste to better use. I expect that we'll be using less trees, less electricity, and to all become the next Broadway designers.

Oh, and anything else that you may "think" is trash, ie used ink cartriges, notebooks, broken CDs or other media storage, use to create ART that will drive your inspiration right into the next novel.

What are your tips for Earth Day?


  1. Haha!! Ralene, you're so funny. I wonder how my characters would look like as felt people. And I like the idea of wrapping presents with my old drafts. Um... Maybe not. Someone might steal my idea and get published before I do. ;)

  2. hahahaha!!! Well funny! I LOVE the stage and puppet show idea :D England is quite green, well, my town is. We have separate bins to recycle, glass, metal tins, paper, cardboard, food waste, garden cuttings, and plastic bottles. Not much actually goes into the rubbish bin. Shame we have a volcano on our doorstep pumping out billions of tons of crap into the atmosphere and blowing the icecap to

  3. OH man! That was great advice, Ralene :-D I'm doing the soda already, and now I'm planning to make pencil/pen puppets of you guys lol. So funny, yet really creative!


  4. Hi, Ralene.

    I left you an award over at my blog.


  5. Reuse. Recycle. Turn the lights off. Short showers (if I could only get my kids to listen). Mulch, don't bag.

    Hmm. Yeah, that'll work. And you've won an award over on my blog!

  6. Ralene!! Need ideas for new blog posts? You have an award waiting for you at my blog.


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