Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let's Share! -- Dreams

Pregnancy comes with its share of ups and downs—we all know that. From funky food cravings to glowing skin, and hot flashes to midnight baby gymnastics in the belly, we never know what’s next. The positive side of all that? Lots of insanity to draw inspiration from. Am I right?

Crazy dreams are often a part of this thing we call pregnancy. Some people have them all through pregnancy, but I find that mine always occur in the last twelve weeks or so. These dreams are something I’ve come to love and fear at the same time, but would definitely make a good basis for a short story or novel.

One that stuck in my mind over the years occurred a couple of months before my eldest daughter was born. My husband had gone from National Guard to Active Duty and we were preparing for a move from Kansas to Texas when I was about thirty-two weeks pregnant. We had two vehicles and so would be driving down separately. For a couple of weeks, I freaked out about driving by myself, even though my husband would be right behind me. Yeah, I know, irrational pregnant women.

Anyway, one night, I had a dream that I was driving through Oklahoma when hubby and I got separated, and I got lost. Of course, in the middle of the night along some back road to nowhere, my water broke. Because of the intensity of the contractions, I was forced to pull over and lay down in the backseat. My cell phone wouldn’t work (Can you hear me now?), and the road was empty.

After an hour or so, a pickup truck finally pulled up behind me. I prayed with all my might that it wasn’t some crazy psycho who would kill me and steal my baby. Although the old man with no teeth and a scruffy beard looked like he could, he wasn’t. He helped me into his truck and rushed me to the hospital.

My dream flashed directly to the delivery room (as dreams often skip around, you know). The doctor is leaning forward, telling me to push. He looks up at me and he has one of those old head pieces that has the metal reflector with the light—know what I’m talking about? With a small circle cut in the center that you put of your eye? Yes? No? Anyway, he tells me I’m doing great and one more big push.

My body tenses for that last big hurrah. The doctor grins and congratulates me on a brand, new… Gumby. You all remember Gumby, right? Little, green, putty guy that had a cartoon for awhile?

That’s right. I gave birth to Gumby.

And not just any Gumby. It was one of those Gumby toys they used to sell that was sticky and you throw it up against the wall. Remember those?

Well…that’s exactly what the doc did. He turned around and threw my baby Gumby up against the wall.

I burst in to tears and started yelling at the doc.

Then I woke up.

Talk about weird dreams…

So…let’s share! What’s the strangest dream you’ve had? It doesn’t have to be pregnancy related…just strange. Enjoy!

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