Monday, April 5, 2010


First, let me apologize for not blogging much. Truth is I lack the inspiration for proper posts. I haven’t been reading up on the latest trends/tips for writing, in fact, I’ve hardly been writing at all. In the midst of all the craziness in my life, looking for the “call to love” beats just hasn’t been a top priority. So, when it comes to coming up with ideas for posts, I’m stuck. Writer’s block, if you will.

However, you know what has been on my mind a lot lately?




That’s right, folks, the nesting period has officially settled in. With the addition of a third child in our near future, the office had to go. We turned the office into the girls’ bedroom, and the girls’ old room into Connor’s bedroom. Or that’s the plan…we got the rooms switched. Right now, though, Connor’s room looks like one of those rooms from Clean House or Clean Sweep. As I told my friend and fellow writer, Jill Kemerer, my goal for the week is to get rid of all those boxes. We’re about half way through, still four days until Friday! (My goal to finish Connor’s room.)

I have always been a pack rat, and so has my husband. So, with the office being turned into a bedroom, we’re forced to get rid of stuff. I definitely feel like one of the people on Clean Sweep as I sadly bid goodbye to “stuff”. I have a question for you guys…do you keep every card given to you? Yes, I’m referring to the Christmas cards, and birthday cards, and Valentine’s card. I think there’s a card out there for just about every day of the year. I don’t think I’ve ever really thrown any away. Every time I start to throw one away, I think about the time and effort that person put into picking out that card and sending it my way. Now, I have a trunk full of cards from the last ten years. What’s that going to look like in another ten years?

Yes, the nesting period is here—which, in my case, is probably a good thing. Except now I’d rather clean and organize than write…talk about messed up priorities!


  1. I used to keep every card I received, but now I only keep the ones that have a handwritten message in it and the ones my hubby gives me. :)

    One good tip I got from Fly Lady is to take pictures of things that have a meaning to you, and then give them away. A picture takes less space and is easier to file than say a chair. LOL Are you familiar with Fly Lady? She has great tips on keeping the house organized. I recommend you google her and check out her website, if you haven't already.

  2. Even after 33 years, I remember that nesting instinct. LOL You'll manage to write, whether from a corner of the sofa or with the new baby at your feet in Starbucks. :D

  3. I'm a minimalist, so I like the sound of cleaning, downsizing and organizing.

    And you will find time to write. It'll come to you.

  4. Annie- That's what I was thinking of doing to taper down the pile of cards. Yes, I've heard of FlyLady, been to her site several times. :)

    Thanks you, Ane and Medeia, for the encouragement!

  5. I'm a big proponent for doing something when the mood strikes. Get Connor's room done now, and you'll feel amazing! You'll get back to writing when the time is right. Have a great weekend!


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