Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Personalize It!

The weekend is here and it’s got me thinking about my personal time…and my personal space. Wait…I don’t have any personal space. Hubby and I are always complaining about not having a place that is just ours. He wants a workout room and I want an office. Granted, we have an office/guestroom that we haven’t done anything with.

My work area is usually either the living room couch or the kitchen table. It is convenient, but uncomfortable and offers little opportunity to focus the way I should. I am sure that many of you out there feel the same, and many probably don’t have the luxury of an extra room (this is the first place we’ve had where we’ve had an extra room).

Where can we find personal space and how should we use it?

Well, first we got to find that allusive space. Some good places to start looking are our bedrooms, extra rooms (even small ones normally used for storage), living room, dining area—even the porch/deck if you live in the right area. Now, in most of the areas listed, you won’t be able to take over the whole area, but even a corner would work. With some creative rearranging, you could probably squeeze in your personal space. Make sure that your family knows that this is your area…others trespass to their own detriment.

Now that you have this corner that may only be a few square feet, what do you do with it? Well, that’s up to you. For me, I need an office-type area where I can keep my computer, my notebooks, etc. For you…what are your hobbies? Your passions? Do you like arts and crafts and need a place to store your stuff and put up a small work area? Are you into yoga and other workouts and would like a place to put your mat, weights, videos? Maybe you have recently taken on some volunteer projects through your church or community and need a place to organize everything. This is your space for whatever you need.

The first step is to personalize it. This can be as easy as putting up some pictures or encouraging quotes. It can also be as in depth as repainting and hanging curtains along with getting new furniture. Stay within your budget. Many ways to personalize your area can be found around your home anyway. Write out your favorite quotes or Bible verses and use old CD cases as frames. Tear apart old calendars and use some of your favorite pictures. Get some shelves to store your stuff with some colorful or elegant organizers. Baskets are great for organizing and can be made funky or stylish. Cheap, see-through boxes will help you to see inside for easy searching.

The next step is to organize (if needed). Use the organizers above and start separating your stuff into piles that will be most efficient for you. For me, I have a file cabinet not in use upstairs. I’ll divide up my projects and research into different folders. I’ll keep a printed list of my contacts and potential clients in the front. I also need paper, ink, paper clips, pens/pencils, etc. That stuff can be kept in small baskets or the tidy drawers of a desk. Lol… Once it is organized…KEEP IT ORGANIZED! It doesn’t have to be neat, but the organization should reflect what will be the best environment for you. Tip: Once you have established your area, don’t let outside influences in. Bills should not pile up here. Your child’s art supplies should not weasel its way onto the bottom shelf. Your husband’s hunting equipment belongs in the garage.

Take a step back and admire your personal space. Let the possibilities excite you, fill you with energy, ignite new ideas and motivation. This is your chance to change the world—

[Insert child’s scream]

If you can find the time. But that, as they say, is for another entry. Enjoy!


  1. yep, I managed to secure some office space in my house but I think the only reason why it's dependable is because I have this big, old roll-top desk that has to go somewhere. Hanging character drawings on the wall is something else and they are currently in danger of being displaced by a world map for schooling. My Husband has a desk up in our bedroom where he can shut the door, but my space is in the middle of everything so that I can work without abandoning the kids to their own troublemaking. It's harder to focus, but hopefully safer.

  2. I crave personal space to work! I actually have an office that I can shut off from the rest of the house, but I always end up at the kitchen island or the living room couch because the office usually needs to be cleaned - that distracts me.

  3. So I'm not the only one struggling to find my own personal space? *sigh* Still working on it. Hubby promised to make me my own little office space on the 3rd floor, but I won't hold my breath. LOL Right now, I'm using a comfy chair in the corner of the living room. Everyone knows it's MY chair. :)

  4. I'm horribly selfish, but I would LOVE an enormous room all to myself! No family computer. No kids' notes/books/wrappers. Just mine. All mine.

    Wow! I need to go back to Kindergarten and learn life lessons! :)


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