Friday, August 6, 2010

Update on Me

It's Friday, ya'll! Bring on the weekend!

Yesterday, Connor turned seven weeks old. That's right...lets hear that collective "Aw...". He's becoming such a big boy. Last time I attempted to weigh him on my scale (I stood on it first without him, then with him), he was almost twelve pounds. Quite a little chunky monkey--but so incredibly cute. His head is more steady now when he holds it up to look around, or right at me. He also has more control over his smile and has the biggest grin!

We're still getting up once or twice a night to feed him. It isn't so bad--except when hubby is gone and I have to do it every night, all night. Yeah, that can really wear me out.

My oldest daughter is warming up to Connor, finally. She atually held him for a little while the other day, and she started talking to him. Yay! My younger daughter still wants to be a little mommy, but Connor is almost too big for her to hold! Still, she is good about throwing away diapers and helping to feed him.

In other news, the editing process is coming along...slow but steady. I'm moving into Chapter 10 sometime today (I hope). I've done some rearranging of scenes to smooth out the timeline, added in more setting (one of my weak points), and actually rewrote a couple scenes. Other than that, the majority of the editing is basic stuff-grammar, word choice, sentence structure-the little things that tighten up the writing.

So, what's going on with you? What news do you have to share?

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  1. Chapter 10!! I'd better catch up with my reviews. I'm still on chapter 2. LOL

    Me? I'm having fun with WriteOnCon, a free, online conference for children's writers. Surely you've heard about it? Great networking opportunity. I'm getting a lot of new Twitter and blog followers. :)


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