Thursday, February 24, 2011

Let's Share--Kids Say... Pt 2

As you all know, I've been complaining a lot about my situation over here in Hawaii the last few weeks. It's been rough--we've dealt with everything from illness to floods to broken air conditioners. Every now and then, we just need a good laugh.


Back in October or November, I hosted the first "Kids Say..." post. It was a big hit and we all got some pretty good laughs. If nothing else, it's good fodder for us writers out there.

Bring it on! What hilarious or endearing things have your children said?

Let's see--for my story. Hmmm...there's so many to choose from.

Well, a couple of night ago, Alana and Kyra were playing in the hotel room. They lined up the three chairs in the room and were hopping from one to the other. Connor so wishes he could play with his sisters, so he does his funny lil' crawl over to a chair and pulls himself up.

The next thing I know, Kyra is shaking her head and yelling at Connor.

"What's wrong, Kyra?" I asked.

"Connor is eats greasy balls."

Certain that I did not hear her write, I said, "Excuse me?"

"Connor has crazy balls."

My husband was now paying attention. "What?" he asked, laughing.

She shook her headful of curls and yelled at the top of her lungs, "Connor is driving me crazy nuts."

*SIGH* Kids...

You're turn!

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  1. My story is not really about something my kids said, it's about something they SANG. My son used to sing America the Beautiful:

    "O beautiful for spaceship skies, (...)"

    Haha!! It always made me laugh.


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