Sunday, February 13, 2011

Share the Love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Did you know Valentine’s greetings have been popular since the Middle Ages? The written form didn’t appear until after 1400 AD, and the oldest known Valentine is in the British Museum. Interesting tidbits, right?

I love Valentine’s Day just because it is a celebration of love and romance. I know some people view it as another holiday propagated by big business, but not me. I think that these days we are all so busy rushing through our lives that I’m glad that there’s a holiday that reminds us to take time for the loved ones in our lives—be it a significant other or our family.

Let me tell you about one of the sweetest gifts I received from my husband. On our first Valentine’s together (we were still dating), my husband gave me a Valentine’s Barbie Doll. Yeah. At first, I was astounded…I had no idea what to say. A Barbie? Seriously?

On closer reflection, though, I realized that it was a symbol that he was paying attention. In my apartment, I had some rather expensive collector Barbie dolls on display that were given to me by a friend of my family. Although I had never mentioned them, he noticed. He noticed and he cared enough to invest in my interests. It’s not huge…no diamond earrings or vibrant roses, but perfect all the same.

And even to this day, my mom sends me a crisp $20 bill in a card with a little note telling me/us to splurge on my/ourselves. Not allowed to spend it on groceries or bills or anything “rational”.

Love comes in all shapes and forms and all kinds of fun! Here are some wonderful ways to show people you care:

1. Leave little notes around for them to find. I even heard a story about a mom and daughter who had an ugly shirt that somehow they started passing back and forth whenever they’d visit one another. The visitor would find a creative place to hide it where the other wouldn’t find it for awhile, and then when they found it, they would be reminded of the other person and their special bond.

2. Make a nice dinner—this can be for family or SO. Splurge a bit and get the good steak and whip up some fantastic sides. Light some candles. Use the good china. Or even make it a living room picnic!

3. Find your favorite photo, blow it up (doesn’t have to be huge), and find a nice frame. On the back of the frame, write a short blurb about why this is your favorite photo and then place it in a prominent spot for all to see.

4. Give them a call at work or on the cell just to say hi and tell them that you love them. Ask if there’s anything they need. Often when we call people, we have some ulterior motive, something we want. Make it all about them!

5. Show interest in a hobby of theirs. You may not be blown away by it, but you might learn something. Or better yet, pick up a new hobby together!

The nice thing about these suggestions is that they can be done anytime (not just V-day) for anyone. Now it’s your turn! What do you do to show your loved ones that you care? Or even better, what can we do to show those we barely know that we care?

Have a blessed day!

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