Sunday, March 6, 2011


The long awaited day arrives tomorrow.

My family finally gets to move into our very own house!

I cannot tell you how we have counted down the days, hours, and minutes. It has been a long, frustrating road. Let me give you just a peek at the past few months.

On December 6th, 2010, movers came to pack our stuff up and haul it off to be shipped to Hawaii.

On December 13th, hubby and I dropped the van off in St. Louis for it's long trip overseas. Then proceeded to take our 30 day vacation (a little less than 30 days).

On January 9th, we began the 14 hour trip from St. Louis, to LAX, and finally to our home state for the next few years...Hawaii. We check into the nice little inn on post.

February 8th was our original move in date, but due to circumstances beyond our control, we lost the house. A new move-in date was set for a different house--March 4th. Did that happen? Nope.

Here it is--tomorrow is March 8th and we'll finally be in our new digs.


On just as happy of a note, my youngest daughter celebrates her 4th birthday today! Unfortunately, we don't get to celebrate quite as fully as we normally like to, as we are hurriedly packing up the room so we can move tomorrow. However, we plan to throw a family party on Tuesday evening.

Four years ago, I lay in hospital room surrounded by my mom and two sisters (husband was deployed at the time...he has a knack for arranging that when I'm pregnant). Labor was induced at about 8 in the morning, and Kyra arrived 8 1/2 hours later with only a few issues.

Today, she is a excitable drama queen with lots of energy. She's rarely without a smile and she loves to be the center of attention. Her favorite color is pink and she is obsessed with princesses. That's what she is...our lil' princess.

Happy Birthday, darling!


  1. Happy Birthday to your girl! I have a 4yo, too.

    And happy early moving.
    ~ Wendy

  2. Happy early moving day and a very happy birthday to your little girl!

  3. How exciting your big day is almost here. And happy birthday to your little one! I also have a cutie who just turned four--aren't they great?

  4. Thanks, guys! Yes, having a four year old is wonderful. I have two for the next 11 days...then the older one turns 5! lol

  5. FINALLY!! So happy for you! I know you've been waiting for that.

    And happy birthday to your "mini-me"! :)

  6. Oh, so happy for you. I started reading your blog as you began this move and now I'm so happy to see you moving into your house!

    And happy birthday Kyra! :)

  7. Happy bday to your girl and enjoy your new house!


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