Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Beginnings

It’s that time again, folks. I’m reaching the end of my major edit in Dividing Spirits—I hope to finish by the end of the week, possibly the end of the month if the ending fights harder than I’d like.

With one project ending, another one is beginning!

On Saturday, I didn’t have what I considered enough time to edit before I had to tackle more boxes. So, instead, I contemplated what my next project would be. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been slowly planning out the next novel in the Dividing Spirits series. However, earlier last week I read a blog post that got me thinking.

I have not sold Dividing Spirits to a publisher yet. There is no guarantee that it will ever be picked up (though I hope and pray that it is!). So, if I put a lot of effort into the next book in the series, but Dividing Spirits is never picked up (or it isn’t picked up for a few years), then I’ve put in all this effort without a chance to bring it full circle.

So what do I do next?

Well, I’ve decided to go ahead and outline the next two books, and then an overall outline for the series (it’s a trilogy of trilogies, so NINE books). That way if Dividing Spirits is picked up, then I have the lineup for the publisher to check out before I delve into it.

As for my next project, though, I started brainstorming one of my other ideas. The overall plot has been in my head for a year or so, and I’ve been jotting notes here and there as they come to me. So, on Saturday, I started to flesh it out more by talking to the characters! Let me tell ya, these are some interesting people…and a few scary ones as well. I mean, c’mon, I do write suspense. Eek!

I got the short bio for my antagonist written out, even found the perfect photo for her online. Turns out she looks an awful lot like Lauren Graham (mother in Gilmore Girls, also some bit parts in several movies). She’s also an abused wife—which will require some research on my part to be sensitive to what she’s gone through. Her sister died from a disease when MC was in high school, which inspired her to become a doctor. Well, I won’t bore you with the details now.

I’m sharing with you because I’m excited for this new journey. As sad as I am to put Ninevah to the side for a while, I’m ecstatic to meet new friends to occupy my head for the next several months!

Tentative Title of the next project? “Sam’s Way”, it’s the name of the town that the majority of the novel takes place in. Yes, it is a supernatural suspense. Eek! Watch out for all the demons and ghosties! Hehehe…okay, not quite.

Back to Dividing Spirits, I don’t remember if I mentioned on here that I entered the ACFW Genesis contest. It’s the first 15 pages and 1 page synopsis of the novel. The first round will be wrapping up in the next two weeks. I’m anxious to get some professional feedback from the judges (one of the perks that makes the entry fee totally worth it!).

After I see how it goes with Genesis, I plan to start querying. Eek! That’s an exciting and terrifying time in itself.

So look for upcoming posts on both the querying and the planning process. FUN!

What are you working on? If you’re not a writer, do you have some other project to work on? (On Wednesday, I’m going to talk about my latest reads and catch up on the latest from you all!)


  1. Isn't it encouraging when you get clear direction on something? Diving back into my WIP after being gone for a few days.

    ~ Wendy

  2. I think it's very wise to have and outline of your series. It's important to see the character arcs and story lines evolve at a distance. Plus it's a blast to work with characters you already know and love. =)

  3. Wow, you've been busy! It's great you're outlining the other books but opening to working on an entirely new project (which sounds very interesting by the way).

    I am doing a final read-through of my manuscript, which I hope to finish up today. It will be so nice to have it polished and ready to go. Then tomorrow? I either get to start planning a new story that's been niggling at my mind, or work on one I plotted out several months ago. I'm excited for either! Oh, and all the best with your Genesis entry!

  4. Ralene, hope it goes well as you finish up and start your new project.
    I'm excited to hear how your querying goes. Keep us updated! :D

  5. Wendy-And seriously, how often do we get clear direction?

    Tana-Def! Esp when you know exciting and scary things are going to happen!

    Cindy-Thanks! Maybe you should toy with both for a week or so, see which one snags more interest! Pray about it too...

    Reesha-Oh, I'll be keeping you updated!

  6. Good for you, sis! I'm proud of you and you continue to motivate me. However, I am not as disciplined as you yet with the whole fiction thing, but I am doing my best- keep up the good work and I know God will prosper it:)


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