Friday, September 3, 2010

Life and Goals

Happy September everyone!

We're in a new month again and you know what that means: GOALS! If you read my post on Wednesday, you know I've seen the dangers of overscheduling, but as my good friend Annie said, that doesn't mean we shouldn't have goals for ourselves. I totally agree! If you've been following me long, you also know I'm all about those goals.

I didn't accomplish as much in August as I would have liked to where my writing is concerned. Yes, I started to blog regularly, which is awesome! I have so much fun interacting with everyone on here. When it came to my novel, though, pfft. The month started with a kick, I revised the first 9 chapters in only a few days. However, then my husband left and my writing time went from bunches to almost nil.

As Connor is getting bigger, he is not sleeping as much. In fact, I think he hardly napped yesterday. He took like 5 mini-naps instead of two longer ones. On the up side, he did actually sleep through the night for the first time last night! Praise the Lord!

Then the last two weeks of the month, everyone in the house was sick. So, even after hubby got home, very little work was accomplished. I think I managed to revise one more chapter.

Needless to say, I didn't meet my goal of finishing my edits by the end of August so I could send them off to an editor friend, but no worries. I just have to realize that two preschoolers, a baby, and no husband means I need to be much more purposeful with what little time I have.

I would still like to finish edits by the end of September. I would like to enter Dividing Spirits into the CWG Operation First Novel Contest, but if it doesn't happen, I won't be too crushed. I do, however, want to get it submitted to a few agents/editors before the end of the year. I think that's plausible.

Now...who wants to see some pictures of my precious little ones?

All three kids!

We've discovered that he loves his highchair...even though he's not being fed yet, he likes to sit in it with us at the table.

If I didn't mention before, Connor had his two month appointment on August 18th. Our suspisions were confirmed. He's a BIG boy. 99th percentile for his weight, 95th percentile for his height. So, while he is nicely proportioned, he's still BIG for his age. No wonder my arms and back hurt. lol... He's healthy and happy though, and that's what really matters. You should see him smile and coo...awwww!

Anyway, enough about me. What's new with you? What are your goals for September? Let's come together to support each other!


  1. Thanks for the reminder to set some goals :) Yesterday sort of threw me off my game.

  2. Aww... How CUTE! Connor and the girls are adorable on this picture. You must be so proud.

    My kids' sleep/wake patterns started being more predictable after 4 months. Before then, I never knew if they'd sleep 5 minutes or 3 hours in the afternoon. Makes it hard to plan anything.

    My goals for September? Finish re-writing my last two chapters and participate in your Review Frenzy on the forum. :)

  3. Ralene, you are one lucky girl. All your kids are so beautiful :) They definitely take after their mum! Not saying that your husband is ugly or'm only brave enough to say that cos I live on the other side of the world :D

    It would be nice to get Unknown Reality finished by the end of the month, unlikely though.

  4. What a trio of cutie pies! My kids weren't much on napping, unfortunately. I still enjoy a nap. I don't know how we can be related? :)

    Great job on your goals! It's hard getting anything done with a new baby.


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