Monday, May 16, 2011

Ask Me

Ralene's BeachFest Challenge:


Okay, as you all know, over the summer I'm hosting a Character Tour right here on my blog. There is an awesome line up of authors from all genres! I am so excited to have everyone join in to make this tour a huge success--and even more, to show these writers the support they deserve!

On top of that, this week is my birthday AND the beginning of the last part of the month--so the amazing prize package is still up for grabs! The score right now?

Sarah: 30

Wendy: 6

Annie: 2

Now, I know Sarah looks like she's WAY ahead, but we have some MAJOR points available over the next two weeks, starting with todays challenge. There are THREE ways to earn points.

1. Ask me a question! Leave an appropriate question in the comments and you earn 5 points, easy-peasy.

2. Refer your friends! Use your email, blog, Twitter, Facebook--whatever to persuade your friends to visit my blog. Have them leave a comment (or a question!), along with YOUR name, and you earn 10 points per person who drops your name. Oooo... I know, right?

3. Go follow me on Twitter or Facebook to earn 5 points a piece! (You have to leave me a comment to let me know you did). And b/c I love you all, if you already do both, then you automatically get 10 just need to remind me that you are.

To top it all off...if I reach 100 followers before the end of the month, I'll award 2 people 30 points a piece...if it happens before the end of the week, I'll choose 4 (at random)!

In case you missed the post about Ralene's BeachFest prizes, here's a reminder:

Grand Prize: A homemade basket filled with goodies! These baskets are made by my parents, they sell them at various craft shows around the country. You can check them out at Heartworks Crafts. The goodies include a combination of yummy goodies, reading goodies, paper goodies, and whatever other goodies I get excited about. :)

1st Prize: $20 Gift Card to Amazon

2nd Prize: $10 Gift Card to Amazon

Doesn't that all sound like a lot of fun? I'm excited to see what questions you all come up with for me! I'll be answering the questions in Thursday's post, so be sure to stop by again!


I'll draw a random commenter from today for John B. Olson's SHADE.


  1. Oh my goodness!! You are having a lot of fun with this :) Love it!!

    I already follow you on GFC and on Twitter and on FB.

    Hmmm....what is your favorite state?

  2. I have points after yesterday, right? :-)

    What's one, silly, non-writing talent you'd like to have. (i.e. Being able to stand on your head and drink and entire gallon of milk before you fall over.)

    Lessee, I follow you on Twitter :-D

  3. I am having fun with this! Par-tay! I absolutely love my birthday, so why shouldn't everyone else? lol...

    Wendy--can you tell I wrote this blog over the weekend? I'll go in and change that right now.

  4. I sent you a friend request on FB. If you accept ;-) You'll be #97. I'm trying the reach 100 there. For Adrian Monk.

    Question: You're homeschooling, right? So am I. What curriculum or curriculums are you currently using? And how does writing fit around schooling?

    Hope that's an appropriate question.

    Happy Birthday Week!

  5. I'm already stalking you... I mean... FOLLOWING you both on FB and Twitter. :)

    And my question is:

    What do you like the most about yourself? And what quality do you seek above all else in others? (I'm allowed two questions, right? Right? Since we're such good friends?)


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