Thursday, May 5, 2011

Top 11 Reasons I LOVE Being an Army Wife!

Some people may be giving me that crazy look. You love what? Seriously? What meds are you taking? But I do. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I was raised in a military home, or maybe it’s just that I’m people-oriented—but I love being an Army wife.

In honor of Wives of Faith’s Blog Carnival, here is my Top 11 Reasons:

11. It teaches your independence and self-reliance. I’ve talked to some women who wouldn’t have a clue what to do if their toilets, mower, etc broke. I know other women who have complained about having their husbands gone for a weekend. Trust me, you learn quickly in the military.

10. An inside look on how the military works. I’m sure it looks a lot different to those on the outside not “in the know”, you know?

9. People are impressed when I tell them all the places I’ve been. Not that I’m trying to impress them, but you know. Hehehe…

8. Okay, I hope that I don’t sound greedy/selfish here, but I love the discounts. If you know anything about the military, you know we don’t get paid nearly as much as we should. *cough, cough* Although there are several other perks that we enjoy. Still, with the economy the way it is, every little bit helps. I am so grateful for the way that businesses treat their soldiers/military families.

7. My kids will have so many experiences that they would not likely have if we were settled in one place for the majority of their childhood. From learning how to make friends to learning how to let go, from interacting with different types of people to living in different cultures, from the importance of values to the importance of discipline—my children will grow in many ways just from living the military life.

6. Amazing opportunities to encourage and minister too other women. Programs like PWOC offer ways for military wives to fellowship and study the Bible together. Other volunteer positions in program like the FRG (Family Readiness Group) and Spouse groups offer chances to meet other women. Online, one can find a plethora of groups for the military spouse (like Wives of Faith!).

5. The most interesting places. No matter where the military sends us, our home is what we make of it. I wasn’t too happy about going to Hawaii and being secluded from the rest of my family. But now that I’m here—I still miss my family—but I’m making the most of it. The scenery is downright beautiful—we see rainbows on a daily basis around here. Yet even in the most mundane of places (like Ft. Leavenworth, KS), there’s still so much to see/do nearby.

4. Meeting new people! In the many travels of a military family, you run across all kinds of people from different races, religious, cultures. You realize just how diverse this world is and how connected we all are.

3. This one may sound a bit off, but I love being a military wife because it forces me to rely on God. Whether my husband is deployed, or safe at home, or I’m moving from my home state to a completely different culture, or I stress about normal, everyday things—I have to turn it all over to God or I’d completely use my sanity. God and I have done nothing but grow closer over the years.

2. The bonds we form with other military wives. I don’t remember where I saw/heard this, so I’m paraphrasing here. But as military wives get to know each other and go through the stuff that we do, our friends become our family. They become who we turn too when it all gets too much. They are the ones who know how to encourage us, who know what we need. It’s a very unique bond that I think little others know, especially because it can form so fast

1. The number one thing I love about being a military wife? The honor and pride in being married to a man not afraid to lay his life down for his family and his country.

As you can see, I enjoy many aspects of being a military wife, but I most cherish the relationships forged and the memories made. Join me tomorrow when the Wives of Faith Blog Tour subject is 11 Fun Things I want to See or Do in Hawaii!

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  1. I think this article should be turned into a brochure for new military wives. I'm certain it would encourage many.

    My favorite thing about being the wife of a husband who works two jobs to make ends meet is being able to stay home with, raise, and educate my children the way I want them raised and educated.

  2. Awesome list, Ralene! I'm so glad you're involved with Wives of Faith!

  3. I wholeheartedly agree that being a military wife will draw you closer to God! I also like what you said about independence. You learn how to fix things very quickly during deployments!

  4. Great Post! Yes, you are right, we learn quickly that Self-Help is our best friend! ;) Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for stopping by, ladies! I think it's great that we share common loves when it comes to being mil spouses.

    Rebecca--I'll get right on that! lol...

    The downside to being self-reliant is that it makes the transition back to our husbands as head of the household when they return that much harder!

  6. Such a good post! I'm not a military wife, but I have many friends and family members serving. Thank you so much!

  7. My fave of yours is #3, without God keeping us sane and grateful, the rest wouldn't really matter! Doesn't sound off at all :D

  8. Very interesting post, Ralene! #9 intrigues me. Where else have you been, besides Hawaii and Kansas? That would make for a good future blog post. :)

    Ooh, and I know the answer to your trivia question! You write Christian Speculative Fiction. And I still have to finish reviewing your book, by the way. Good stuff!

  9. Hi Ralene!
    I love your list and agree with #3 so much!
    thank you for sharing!

  10. #3 is so important, isn't it? I'm just so grateful that the Lord is on my side--it scares me to think where I'd be otherwise.

    Annie--You're right! That's 2 points for you. :) Let's see-I've been to Kansas, Kentucky, Germany, Virginia, Texas, Colorado, and Hawaii.

  11. WoF friend popping over to check out your 11's. I think all the ones that I have read have listed friends! They are so important.

  12. Wonderful reasons, Ralene! I admire your family for being a military family--don't think I could do that! You guys are the backbone of our country!

  13. Thank you, Amber and Titus, for stopping by! I think friends are very important to the military wife's ability to do what she does. And Titus, you'd be surprised what you're capable of with God on your side!


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