Monday, May 9, 2011

Registration Complete!

I did it!

I made the big leap.

I crossed the line.

I'm free falling....


I'm going to the American Christian Fiction Writer's Conference in September! *happy monkey dance*

I went to the ACFW conference in 2009--my first conference--and it was the experience of a lifetime. I learned so much and I made connections with writers that have lasted me over the last two years.

Last year, because of finances and my husband's work schedule, I was unable to attend. Okay, so the three month old baby had a lot to do with that decision as well. I just couldn't leave him!

This year, it's all thanks to the Lord's providence! We had some financial things come through. And, though my husband still has to work, MIL is THRILLED to come out and help take care of the kids for a week. And why shouldn't she be...we're in Hawaii!

I feel so blessed and honored that with the Lord's blessing (and my husband's) I can take on this adventure once again. I've got some stellar roommates (already!) and the promise of some great workshops and speakers. Granted, there's still the pulse-pounding TERROR that comes with agent appointments, I signed up for two! Now, how to talk myself into going to them?

And the Awards fun! We get to get all glammed up and support our friends as the staff hands out awards for Genesis (unpubbed)awards, as well as Agent of the Year and Mentor of the Year. Eek!


Praise the Lord--St. Louis, here I come!

Ralene's BeachFest Trivia Question:

What STATE was I born in?


  1. Thank you, Wendy. And no, I wasn't born in NC.

  2. That is awesome! I've never actually been able to attend a writer's conference, but several are on my bucket list. Do tell us how things go!

  3. Yay for you!! How wonderful :)


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