Thursday, May 19, 2011

This Blog is Moving...

I've finally decided to take the advice of so many wise people in the publishing business. I've read it time and again, but I kept putting it off. Finally, though, after some reflection on the next steps I need to take, I made the tough decision.

I'm moving my blog.

I've had a blog here on Blogger for some time. I haven't ever been able to successfully connect it to my website, though, which has also kind of pushed me to ignoring my website, and in turn, I've been wasting money with it just "sitting" there. So...

I've completely revamped my website so that it runs through WordPress. I can host my blog and my website in the same place! So, now comes the arduous process of directing you all, my favorite readers, to my new place. I figured, what better incentive than to start when we have an ongoing contest!

Whoever goes and follows my new website/blog during the month of May will earn 15 points toward the grand prize. PLUS, I will be drawing from those people for a $20 gift card to Amazon. Sounds great, right?

I'll maintain this blog for awhile. I'll be "double" posting through the end of May. Then I'll move to posting reminders on here starting in June. At the end of June, I'll quit posting on here completely. This means, though, that the whole Character Blog Tour will be hosted on the new website--so hurry over so you can join in the fun!

But, Ralene, where do we go?


Once there, up in the top, left corner is an RSS feed button. Click on there to follow my blog! Then leave a comment here, so I can credit you with the points and enter you into the drawing.


I'll be answering all the questions from Tuesday and sharing the other winners and updated scores!

God bless!

Don't forget...


  1. I subscribed (I think). Does this mean you'll subscribe to me too? Hint, hint. Also, I'm changing your link on my website to your new one. That's got to be worth a point too, right? ;-)


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