Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Prizes Announced!

I have finally figured out the prizes for Ralene’s BeachFest!

FIRST PLACE: A homemade basket (pictured above, but different material) full of all kinds of goodies—books, candy, coffee, stationary, cards, and more are all possible goodies to be found in this basket!

SECOND PLACE: $20 gift card to Amazon

THIRD PLACE: $10 gift card to Amazon

So come on and join in the party! Remember, the daily trivia is worth one point, but today I also introduce Ralene’s BeachFest Challenge—the winner gets an automatic 20 points!

Ralene’s BeachFest Trivia Question:

Where did I graduate from high school?

Ralene’s BeachFest Challenge (due by Sunday, May 8th):

Tell me about your favorite birthday in 300 words or less. Email them to me at raleneburke at yahoo dot com and I will post the winner next Tuesday.


  1. Where did you graduate???? Unfair. I don't know. I'll take a stab: Grand Rapids, MI :)

  2. lol...no. But it is on my FB page. :P

  3. Um... You graduated from... Manhattan Senior High? There are two high schools on your FB page. I'm taking a chance.

  4. Sorry, Annie... :( hehehe...


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